Your ceremony celebrant is the person who will take you over a threshold and into a new phase of life with the person you love most in the world!

Why choose me?

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Italy Celebrant

“Smiles and tears (of happiness) are essential ingredients in any celebration and never more so than during a wedding, vows renewal or affirmation ceremony.”

  • Being chosen as your Italy Wedding Celebrant truly is an honour and a privilege. Here’s why I hope you will choose me…
  • I am a native English speaker and fluent Italian speaker. My dual nationalities mean smooth and stress-free interactions, both with you in English, and in Italian on your behalf, plus flawless communications whether you would like to have your ceremony in English, Italian or a bit of both!
  • I have an ‘at home’ and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento coast and Italy in general.
  • My extensive wedding-world experience enables me to guide and assist with the legal paperwork requirements for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples of many different nationalities (and even mixed nationality couples) and to advise and inspire you regarding all aspects and elements of your wedding ceremony, be it civil or symbolic.
  • I will create the perfect ceremony ambience and experience, seamlessly blending together the elements of your ceremony, communicating confidently with your guests and with you (the happy couple) and even calming the occasional super-nervous spouse before the ceremony begins!
  • I am sensitive to the importance of your event photography and videography. Wherever possible, I will ensure I am discreetly out of shot during key moments so that you, and your guests, can be perfectly framed!
  • And I will dress according to your event dress code and your wishes to ensure I am smart, appropriate and don’t stand out. After all, I should be heard, but you and your guests should be seen!
  • I adapt well to unpredictability. Together we will perfectly plan your ceremony, but I will manage any unexpected occurrences on the day as seamlessly as possible, be they weather, venue or audience-related! I have, on occasion, been (very cutely) heckled by a baby during a ceremony!
  • I am dedicated, organised and detail-oriented, so during the weeks and months before your special day I will be on-hand with my knowledge, experience and passion, to guide you step-by-step through wedding documentation and the ceremony planning process!
  • And, most importantly, I will ensure that your ceremony is a unique reflection of you and one of the most significant and memorable moments in your lives!

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