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Laura & Mark, Positano Civil Ceremony

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My husband and I are eternally grateful to Carmela for helping us to create the beautiful, bespoke wedding of our dreams which will live on in our memories forever.

We are endlessly grateful to Carmela as her honesty, expertise and attention to detail meant our beautiful ceremony ran seamlessly and elegantly and left both my husband and I and our guests with memories to last a lifetime.

Right from day one, Carmela was on hand to help with what would have been an overwhelming and confusing amount of paperwork. She liaised with local officials and the town hall on our behalf, ensuring that all of the relevant documentation was prepared effectively and efficiently. Without her, my husband and I would never have managed to navigate the legal documentation, not to mention the language barrier. Carmela, however, made the process so simple, by breaking down each stage and ensuring we understood clearly what to do at our end and how that tied in at her end.

It felt like Carmela was on hand 24/7 as she responded quickly and clearly to (our many!) queries and questions, providing a comforting hand-hold to what could have been a very stressful and overwhelming process.

My husband and I were determined to have a bespoke ceremony, that would mean something not only to us, but to our close family and friends who had made the journey to witness our commitment. This would be a challenge for any celebrant, but for Carmela, it seemed to come naturally. With regular contact, discussions and even examples shared from her wealth of experience in this field, together we were able to create a unique and beautiful ceremony. Carmela’s professionalism, warmth and care meant that amidst the emotion and anxiety, she delivered a seamless ceremony, meaning that we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the moment without the worry of organisation and logistics on the day. Carmela helped to create many magical and meaningful moments that we can look back on fondly forever.

To say Carmela went above and beyond is an understatement. Her kindness, expertise, and care even extended beyond our ceremony when, many months after our wedding, my husband and I were faced with an incredibly stressful and confusing legal conundrum surrounding our wedding documentation. As a dual national, I found that I required a slightly different legalisation process of our wedding certificate in order to change my name on my second passport. I contacted Carmela in the hope she would be able to advise us. Instead, Carmela personally undertook the process of having a copy of our wedding certificate issued and apostilled in Italy and was able to send it to us in England promptly and efficiently. For us, Carmela’s support here was invaluable. Without her, I have no doubt we would still be trying to navigate a foreign legal process!

My husband and I are eternally grateful to Carmela for helping us to create the beautiful, bespoke wedding of our dreams which will live on in our memories forever.

Laura & Mark

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