A Vows Renewal Ceremony

...is perfect for those wish to re-evoke their wedding day and to reaffirm their wedding vows

Saying 'I still do' is an emotional and meaningful recognition of the journey you have taken together!

A vows renewal ceremony is a celebration of the past – of the wonderful moments and memories shared – and also of the future – of all of the love, life and laughter yet to come!

Whether you wish to celebrate a milestone anniversary, a memorable moment, an obstacle overcome or simply ‘because’, a vows renewal ceremony is the perfect way to re-declare your love to one another and to the world.

A vows renewal ceremony can be a heartfelt, intimate event for just for the two of you, or a fabulous family gathering, or a huge celebratory occasion.

Vows renewal ceremonies are also an opportunity to celebrate your family by including your children in a family affirmation ceremony.

For couples – or families – wishing to celebrate a vows renewal or family affirmation ceremony, I can:

  • Design, create and celebrate a bespoke ceremony, comprising:
    • An initial ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire to gather lots of information about you and your story
    • Information, guidance and advice on selecting ceremony elements and rites
    • Access to my archive of guides and resources
    • A fully collaborative, step-by-step process including reviews and redrafts
  • An individually-designed and written script tailored specifically to you and your special occasion
  • A professionally printed, personalised, commemorative certificate to sign during your ceremony

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