I love telling your stories in your Italy wedding ceremonies, so it’s only right that I begin by telling you a little of mine…

My story

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Italy Celebrant

"Celebrations allow us to capture some of the magic in the world. My Italy wedding ceremonies allow me to spend time with very lovely and very happy people and to be a small part of something very special!"

I have heard so many wonderful, unique and incredible stories, thanks to my Italy wedding ceremonies. And I love bringing those stories to life and celebrating them!

I grew up in the UK to an English mum and an Italian papà, speaking both English and Italian. We spent our family holidays here in the south of Italy, surrounded by family and friends.

After splitting my life between the UK and Italy, I eventually decided to follow my heart and move to Italy. I planned to stay for a year, maybe two. Well, it’s actually been over 15 years now…once you get here, it’s very hard to leave!

I initially worked in the world of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast weddings in a predominantly ‘behind-the-scenes’ role. One day I was encouraged by a lovely wedding planner (to whom I will be eternally grateful) to consider becoming a celebrant. And that’s how it all began!

I have always loved reading, writing and storytelling. This, enhanced by my creative writing studies, enables me to create and celebrate one-of-a-kind Italy wedding ceremonies that tell unique stories in the most memorable way.

I have fallen madly in love with weddings and with Italy wedding ceremonies over the years. There is truly no more wonderful occasion in life than a wedding. It’s an occasion where everyone present is bursting with happiness. A wedding is the beginning of a new and amazing adventure in two people’s lives and it’s an absolute thrill and honour to be part of such a momentous moment!


“I love getting to know my couples, learning about them and their love story… no two are the same! And this is the very essence of my approach: your wedding ceremony should be as special, distinctive and original as you are – it should perfectly represent and reflect you as a couple.”

And as for me…

I am a native English speaker and a fluent Italian speaker. I was born by the North Sea and I love iving by the Mediterranean sea, even – especially – in winter.

I love English coffee (to the overwhelming disgust of my Italian friends), Italian wine (to almost universal approval) and I make a mean chicken and leek pie!

I have an exuberant Italian nature combined with a very British sense of humour. I am friendly, professional, dedicated and detail-oriented.

My home is a small and typically southern-Italian town, famous for producing the delicious tomato sauces you’ve no doubt had on your pasta and where every occasion is an excuse for a festa. It nestles between the giddily-winding roads and bijoux towns of the Amalfi Coast and the Mediterranean seaside chic of the Sorrento coast. I share my life with my lovely Italian fiancé and my slightly neurotic (well she chose me after all) cat who turned up in my garden as an a very cute 2-month old and never left!

I adore language, literature and words (and their history and meaning) and I’m a little bit in love with love – you can probably partly thank Jane Austen for that. Oh, and the many childhood Saturday afternoons spent watching black and white films with my grandparents!

I love this very beautiful and very particular part of the world in which I live and, quite frankly, I cannot think of a better job than the one I have!

Carmela Cesarano

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