A Civil Wedding Ceremony

…is perfect for those couples who wish to marry in a legally-valid civil wedding ceremony in Italy

A civil ceremony - celebrated in one of the beautiful town hall venues - allows you to combine a unique destination-wedding setting with a marriage that is legally-valid in your country

A civil ceremony on the Sorrento Coast or Amalfi Coast is celebrated in Italian by the mayor or delegated official and translated into your language by your interpreter.

While certain aspects of the ceremony are defined by law, personalising elements make your civil wedding ceremony an even more special and significant experience.

And if you wish for both the formality of a legally-binding marriage and the freedom of a symbolic wedding ceremony, why not celebrate both civil and symbolic ceremonies here in Italy?

For couples wishing to legally marry in a civil wedding ceremony in Sorrento or on the Amalfi Coast, I offer:

  • Assistance in booking your civil wedding ceremony
  • Guidance and step-by-step support throughout the pre-wedding paperwork process
  • Translation and registration of legal paperwork (according to requirements)
  • Assistance in personalising your civil wedding ceremony (according to any legal requirements and restrictions)
  • Acting as your legally-required interpreter during your wedding ceremony
  • Guidance and assistance with post-wedding certificate-legalisation (where required)

Civil & symbolic ceremonies for Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & beyond...

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