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A Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

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"Your symbolic ceremony should be as unique as you are - a celebration of you and your story!"

I blend feelings, fun, significance and symbolism into a ceremony designed and written especially for you!

A symbolic wedding ceremony, while not legally-valid (which means you will have to arrange any legal aspects separately) is a truly meaningful, individual and intimate occasion – one that perfectly frames and celebrates you and your relationship.

A symbolic ceremony is completely yours to shape, without any requirements or restrictions. The only limits to your ceremony are your wishes and your imagination. Let me tell your story!

I create bespoke ceremonies, totally tailored to you. I do not believe in ‘standard’ ceremony scripts… after all, there is no such thing as a standard wedding ceremony!

I am able to combine a number of different aspects and elements – secular, religious, contemporary or traditional – into my ceremonies, crafting content and weaving wording which reflects and encompasses your individual personalities, wishes, beliefs, circumstances, and surroundings.

Meaningful symbolic rites, reflecting your history, heritage or beliefs or which simply appeal to you, can be woven into your ceremony. Glass-breaking, candle-lighting, ring-warming and hand-tying are just some of the wonderful and unusual rites. I will guide you in discovering, choosing or even creating rites which add an additional touch of symbolism to your ceremony. Rites which reflect you, your culture, your interests, your personalities, which create a new tradition or which are simply lots of fun!

For multi-faith couples, a symbolic ceremony is an ideal solution, as you can choose and incorporate religious elements and accents within your ceremony.

And for multicultural couples, a symbolic ceremony is the perfect way to recognise, honour and blend different cultures in an utterly unique cross-cultural ceremony.

For couples with Italian parentage, heritage or guests, or even just a passion for the Italian language, I can create and celebrate bilingual English-Italian ceremonies… for an added touch of Italianness!

A symbolic ceremony is ideal for couples who wish to hold their ceremony in a specific setting as it can be celebrated wherever you wish. On a secluded beach, in a secret garden, on a panoramic terrace, in a sumptuous villa or on a boat bobbing on the water… these are just some of the countless amazing and unusual settings for a symbolic ceremony.

Your symbolic ceremony doesn’t have to be constrained by restrictions, requirements, formality or tradition and can complement a legally-valid ceremony celebrated here in Italy or elsewhere. And your guests need never know the ceremony isn’t legally-binding (unless you want them to) as your ceremony can seem as formal and official as you choose.

For couples wishing to celebrate a symbolic ceremony, I can design, create and celebrate a bespoke ceremony, comprising:

  • An initial ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire to gather lots of information about you and your story
  • Information, guidance and advice on selecting ceremony elements and rites
  • Access to my archive of guides and resources
  • A fully collaborative, step-by-step process including reviews and redrafts
  • An individually-designed and written script tailored specifically to you and your special occasion
  • A professionally-printed, personalised, commemorative wedding certificate to sign during your wedding ceremony

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