A Virtual Vow Renewal Ceremony

Live-Streaming Love with an Online Ceremony

  • 3 January 2024
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  • Carmela Cesarano

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Today I celebrated my first ever virtual ceremony!

This strange and unprecedented year has introduced lots of new experiences and habits for us all. And it has underlined how important technology can be in keeping us near when we are apart.

Video chat platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime are an absolute essential for anyone who lives far away from those they love, which, nowadays, is the case for many of us.

Never more so than at the moment, these platforms are a virtual lifeline. And in these unusual times, we are putting technology to ever more creative uses, including the celebration of online ceremonies.

C&R had hoped to celebrate a milestone anniversary with a renewal of vows ceremony during a trip to Italy, planned for this October. Sadly, C&R had to press pause on their plans, due to the recent closure of the UK’s air corridor with Italy.

C&R were incredibly disappointed but undeterred in their intention to enjoy and celebrate their anniversary. They decided to travel to other sunny climes to celebrate their special occasion. And they approached me about turning their intimate Italian vows renewal ceremony into a virtual – and international – affair!

And so, yesterday, having amended their ceremony to suit the change in circumstances, I was able to join C&R via the wonders of technology, to celebrate their vows renewal ceremony. We were also joined – virtually – by members of C&R’s family and close friends back in the UK.

It was an entirely new and exciting experience. One that allowed those who cannot currently be together in person to share a happy moment. And also to raise a glass together in celebration!

Over recent years, live streaming of wedding ceremonies and vows renewal ceremonies has become ever more popular. Live-streaming means loved ones from far and wide can witness special moments they might not otherwise be able to experience.

This is especially true for destination weddings. Often, my couples share their Italy ceremonies with distant loved ones via live-stream and/or video.

Especially now, virtual wedding ceremonies and vow renewal ceremonies are a precious way to bring all of your loved ones together – albeit remotely -to participate in a momentous moment. And the built-in recording option on some platforms allows you to immortalise your ceremony for posterity.

C&R are preparing to un-pause their Italy vows renewal ceremony plans as soon as possible next year and I am looking forward to celebrating for, and with, them on that special occasion too and to finally meeting them in person.

I am thrilled to have been part of a unique experience, filled with smiles, laughter and love. Those are things that we all need as much of as possible at the moment!

Carmela Cesarano

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